What we do

More than products, we turn market needs into reality


Our differential is in the development of end-to-end products, from hardware to software.

  • Hardware development
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery
  • Aftersales
  • Software development


If the customers want to collect new experiences, only the bestest screens will deserve that! Logigo helps you to do that!

We offer to our OEM clients, one conjunct of solutions developed to improve the displacement experiences, mobility, access to information and entertainment within the vehicle.


We are different from our competitors. It’s always best to be ahead! We continually growing up our system to improve the relationships between the driver and all the ecosystem of car. Enjoy the multimedia central to deliver a different platform from the others.

Hit up the market with truly useful features!

Hit up the market being the TOP 1! When one OEM releases a new In-vehicle-mobility resource, that technology is almost obsolete. Our mission is to help OEMs anticipate market needs and deliver them in record time. We create the present and guide our vision to anticipate the future.

Stop spending more

Why invest a high amount of capital in products that falling short that the users expect from your product? The OEMs needs systems that can make them a reference in smart-cars and all for a just price. That’s what LogiGO does.

Achieve with real ownership about data and privacy.

In future, the revenue generated through data, may be higher than the car’s own onboard hardware. In our system, the OEM’s can access all data available on the platform and manage this information according their plans.

You can do what no other OEM already does!

Do you want know more? We’ll tell everything when you meet us.

Come meet us and to share a grandest journey ahead!